Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023): Volume 1, Issue 1
Volume 1, Issue 1


S. Fatemeh Sajjadi, Martin Sellbom, Julien Gross , Harlene Hayne
False Memory and Borderline Personality Features
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Nicole Weiss, Alexa Raudales, Ateka Contractor, Shannon Forkus, Reina Kiefer, Leslie Brick, Tami Sullivan
Micro-Longitudinal Examination of Emotion Dysregulation and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms among Community Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence: Modeling Reciprocal Relationships Using Dynamic Structural Equation Modeling
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Devon Sandel-Fernandez, Kiana Modavi, Benjamin Swerdlow, Jordan Tharp, Kiara Timpano, Sheri Johnson
The Interaction of Shame and Urgency in Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Suicide Attempts
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Gina Rossi, Xenia Brancart, Carmen Diaz-Batanero
Psychometric Properties of the Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire and Shortened Versions in Dutch Speaking Community-Dwelling Older Adults
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Alison Fang-Wei Wu, Deniz Konac, Laura Riddleston, Taryn Hutchinson, Belinda Platt, Victoria Pile, Jennifer Y.F. Lau
Maintaining Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Network Analysis of Well-Being Responses from British Youth
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Samantha L. Birk, Rebekah J. Mennies, Karina Guerra-Guzman, Darien Aunapu, Thomas M. Olino
Psychophysiological Response to Social Feedback using the Chatroom Interact Task in Undergraduate Students
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Elizabeth R. Kitt, Emily M. Cohodes, Sarah McCauley, Grace Hommel, Cristina Nardini, Sadie J. Zacharek, Alyssa Martino, Tess Anderson, Hannah Spencer, Paola Odriozola, Georgia F. Spurrier, Alexis Broussard, Carla E. Marin, Wendy K. Silverman, Eli R. Lebowitz, Dylan G. Gee
The Role of Family-Level Factors in Childhood Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic
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Rosa J. Seinsche, Susanne Fricke, Axel Schäfer, Marie Kristin Neudert, Raphaela I. Zehtner, Rudolf Stark, Andrea Hermann
Effects of Imagery Rescripting on Emotional Responses During Imagination of a Socially Aversive Experience
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Miriam K. Forbes
Implications of the Symptom-Level Overlap Among DSM Diagnoses for Dimensions of Psychopathology
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Philippe R. Goldin, Amy Braun, Eve Ekman, Vanessa Simons, Tamara Flora , Chandra Easton , Tsultrim Allione
Randomized Controlled Trial of the Tibetan Buddhist Feeding Your Demons Contemplative Process in Meditation Practitioners
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Dawn Neumann, Samantha Backhaus Backhaus, Jeong Jang, Sruthi Bhamadipalli, Jill Winegardner, Beth Helton, Flora Hammond
Intervention to Change Attributions that are Negative: A Feasibility Study on Reducing Anger after Brain Injury
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Johanna C. Badcock, David A. Preece, Anna C. Badcock
Why Loneliness Matters in Clinical Practice: A Primer for Clinical- and Neuro-Psychologists.
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Nadia Garnefski, Vivian Kraaij
Moodpep: Description and Evaluation of an Online Self-Help Program for Young Adults with Feelings of Depression
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Stephen A. Semcho, Matthew W. Southward, Nicole E. Stumpp, Destiney L. MacLean, Caitlyn O. Hood, Kate Wolitzky-Taylor, Shannon Sauer-Zavala
Aversive Reactivity: A Transdiagnostic Functional Bridge Between Neuroticism and Avoidant Behavioral Coping
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Chelsea Boccagno, Jill M. Hooley
Emotion Regulation Strategy Choices Following Aversive Self-Awareness in People with Nonsuicidal Self-Injury or Indirect Self-Injury
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June Gruber, Sarah Hagerty, Douglas Mennin, James J. Gross
Mind the Gap? Emotion Regulation Ability and Achievement in Psychological Health Disorders
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