Review and Publication Process

Submitted manuscripts will initially be assessed for suitability by an editor. Suitable manuscripts will then be sent to at least two experts in the field for peer-review. We use a double blinded peer-review process. Reviewers are asked to return their review within 1 month of accepting the review request. Based on these reviews and the evaluation of the handling editor, decisions can be:

  • Accept.
  • Minor revisions.
  • Major revisions.
  • Reject.

A decision of minor or major revisions does not mean that the revised manuscript will necessarily be accepted. A revised manuscript must suitably address, to the satisfaction of the handling editor, the issues raised during the review process. Revised manuscripts should be prepared such that it is clear to editors and reviewers what content has been added/changed (e.g., use of highlighting). In addition to the cover letter, title page, and manuscript files, revised manuscripts should be submitted with a ‘response to reviewers’ letter outlining how each suggestion has been addressed.

Publication Schedule

All accepted manuscripts will be published online with a digital object identifier (DOI) shortly after the copy-editing process is complete. As such, we publish throughout the year. Publications will also be assigned volume, issue, and page numbers, with three issues published (online) each year.